DADI Foundation


We will harness technologies to empower the most marginalised, ensuring fair access to technology and supporting robust and inclusive democracies

How we started

DADI established the Foundation as a natural extension of its work to democratise the Internet.

DADI is a decentralised cloud services platform - a network collectively owned by the people rather than individual autonomous organisations. Taking this a step further, the Foundation enables technology to directly further the cause of democracy.

DADI provided an initial donation of 350 ETH, and will continue to support the work of the Foundation contributing a percentage of all transactions in the network.

Our approach

Technology poses a huge threat to basic rights: it has eviscerated privacy, amplified prejudice and undermined democracy. There is growing evidence of the need to reframe technology’s role in a world with an increasingly unequal distribution of wealth and power.

The Founders believe that technology can and should act as a catalyst for greater equality, helping to address the root causes of injustice.

We aim to ensure that technology is:

  • Embedded as a key tool for advancing human rights across the globe
  • Accessible wherever it is needed to promote people’s basic rights
  • Developed with the protection of human rights as a core principle

Our plan

We will work with the tech industry and human rights sector to tackle the root causes of injustice, equipping future technologists and activists with the skills to build and participate in robust and inclusive democracies.

We will find opportunities to prioritise capacity building, as well as facilitating the exchange of knowledge and skills between the Global South and North.


We will support the next generation of coders to develop the skills and experience to fight inequality in their own communities and around the world. Following the lead of the Nominet Trust, we will bake social needs into the development of technology and the development of technologists. We will also train human rights organisations in the language and skills needed to make the most of technological developments.


We will provide funding and highly targeted expert support to charities/not for profits to address the root causes of injustice/human rights violations. Work supported will include: Incubating new products, Fostering collaboration with the tech sector and Ensuring people can access technology


We will undertake research to find out what works and what doesn't, publishing the results. Furthermore we will ensure that the projects that we support do the same.

Our principles

Partnership & collaboration

The Tech for Good community is young but growing incredibly quickly with a two-fold increase in the past two years. We will capitalise on this by working in partnership and continuing to deepen connections between human rights organisations and the tech world.

Equality & Diversity

People’s understanding of our world is shaped by the technological environment in which they exist. The platform and algorithm are not neutral: they are created by humans and therefore created with prejudice. The architects of our digital lives are predominately young, white men. Diversifying the industry will help address this bias.


Our activities will always be consistent with achieving the Foundation mission and cannot promote the commercial interests of our founder, DADI. Any benefit that may accrue to the DADI group from our activities will be incidental and outweighed by the contribution to our charitable objectives. We operate an assurance system to identify, measure and validate this, which means we – not DADI – decide what we want to do, where we operate and who our partners will be.

Get involved

To support our work directly:

  • DADI: 0xCBf5F2E5e85c4A52300aE71b2749D831a493D6a2
  • BTC: 1Fy15uASdwowG9aEcE2xTEzU8Fuz42RoU6
  • ETH: 0x7a68f427EF0e42B57FAa3202D644C7Ab528990C3


If you would like to use your skills to help engage future coders or support the work of amazing human rights defenders, get in touch.

Apply for funding

We are incredibly excited to announce our first CHALLENGE AWARD.

Less than 50% of people live in fully functioning democracies. Following more than a decade of declining global freedom, the rights of minorities, the rule of law, freedom of the press and free and fair elections are all under threat.

We would love to hear from charities/not for profits who want to harness technology to support democracy. The successful applicant will receive £10,000 and expert support/mentorship.