DADI Foundation

We are incredibly excited to announce our first Challenge Award

We would love to hear from charities/not for profits who want to harness technology to support democracy. The successful applicant will receive £10,000 and expert support/mentorship.

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The Challenge

Less than 50% of people live in fully functioning democracies. Following more than a decade of declining global freedom, the rights of minorities, the rule of law, freedom of the press and free and fair elections are all under threat.

We have the opportunity to help shape a paradigm shift enabling truly transparent and accountable governance in an era where we are at risk of more elections but ever decreasing democracy.

Our first award will focus on how technology can be used to counter this threat by:

How it works

In addition to the £10,000 the successful applicant will be able to access extensive technical support, potentially making significant savings on tech development costs. The successful team will do an initial diagnostics session with tech and project management experts to identify specific support needs. Depending on their needs we will offer the following:


The successful project will demonstrate:


31st July - applications due

10th August - shortlist announced

7th September - infographic, budget and short project outline due

18th September - winner announced

The winner will receive funding in October.


About you
Your idea


Please submit a short video (max 3/4 minutes) outlining your project.

You might want to consider the following:

You do not need to spend a lot of time creating the perfect footage, a simple video of someone explaining your idea shot on a phone camera will work.

Shortlisted applicants will be asked to submit:


What we will fund

Who we will fund

What we are unlikely to fund:

What we will not fund